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PinzgauerCanada has an all-terrain vehicle to fit your needs!

Topping our roster is the awesome Hägglunds 2.7 CDI. Each Hägglunds unit is custom-built by our partner, Hellgeth Engineering of Germany, to meet the specific needs of Canadian businesses. Just ask our customers: Enbridge Pipelines, Pennwest Exploration and Xstrata Mining, come to mind. The Hägglunds 2.7 CDI is versatile, rugged, reliable and amphibious. It goes where terrain and extreme weather makes access by other all-terrain vehicles next to impossible. Featuring a modern Mercedes powertrain, the Hägglunds 2.7 CDI is ideal for businesses with operations north of the 60th parallel, like mining, oil and gas, and tourism.

We also offer the four-wheel drive Steyr-Daimler-Puch G-wagen and, off-course, our namesake – Pinzgauer – in four-wheel and six-wheel drive . These former Swiss army vehicles feature rugged dependability and unbridled off-road capability.

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All Terrain Vehicles In Action!

View the pictures of our Hagglund - Pinzgauer - G-Wagen - Unimog - Halflinger all terrain vehicles in action.

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Need parts and servicing? Pinzgauer Canada can meet your maintenance needs for these and other all-terrain vehicles from its facility in Laval, Quebec.