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Mercedes-powered G-wagen may be just the ticket. If you’re looking for a nimble but rugged all-terrain vehicle, the G-wagen 230 GE may be just the ticket.

This soft-top vehicle was built by Steyr-Daimler-Puch for the Swiss Army where it served as a general purpose carrier. The G-wagen seats two up front and can accommodate six others on fold-down bench seats in the rear.

 Powered by a Mercedes four-cylinder gas engine mated to a four-speed transmission, the G-wagen 230 GE can easily handle a payload of some 800 kilograms and travel comfortably at highway speeds. The efficient four-wheel drive system and independent locking of the vehicle’s axles is easily controlled from the driver’s cockpit.

The G-wagen 230 GE model offered by PinzgauerCanada is late 80s vintage and each has been personally inspected and reconditioned to ensure the highest quality.
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G-Wagen Technical Data

Empty Weight - 2200 kg
Total Weight - 3000 kg
Payload - 800 kg
Max. People- 8
Length - 4.63 m
Width - 1.70 m
Height - 2.08 m
Ground Clearance (Below axle housing, loaded) - 20 cm
Fording Depth - 60 cm
Turning Circle - 13.40 m
Max. Output - 85 Kw
Displacement - 2299 cm
Cylinders - 4 inline
Fuel - Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity - 90 L
Fuel Consumption
- 17.2 L/100 km (City)
- 12.2 L/100 km (90km/h)
- 16.2 L/100km (120 km/h)
Max. Speed - 120 km/h
Transmission - Four-speed automatic