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pinzgauer- Popular with off-road enthusiasts

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Affectionately referred to by some as the "Hummer Hunter," the Pinzgauers offered by PinzgauerCanada were originally built for the Swiss army by the Austrian firm of Steyr-Daimler-Puch. The Pinzgauer chassis features a hefty tube structure on which the swing arms are attached. There's an independent coil spring suspension on all four corners with twin springs on the rear, steel axle articulation limit restrictors, exceptional ground clearance and front and rear cross-axle differential locks.

 Power comes from a four-cylinder, 90-bhp gas engine built especially for the Pinzgauer by Steyr-Daimler-Puch. It has an all alloy block with cast iron cylinder liners. Because the vehicle is air cooled, there is no radiator to freeze or damage when wading in deep water. The 24-volt electrical system is totally water-proof.

The transmission is a five-speed fully synchronized ZF unit that gives the driver the ability to shift from high to low range and vice-versa on the fly. The front and rear axles can be locked independently from the same control panel.

These venerable all-terrain vehicles, available in four-wheel and six-wheel drive, are popular with off-road enthusiasts and companies looking for a unique vehicle to publicize their business. They offer a tremendous amount of bang for the buck, too! And, as such, fewer and fewer of these vehicles are available for sale today.

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Pinzgauer 710, 710K (hard-top) Technical Data

Empty Weight - 1950 kg
Total Weight - 2950 kg
Payload - 1000 kg
Max. People - 10 (5 people in 710K)
Length - 4.18 m
Width - 1.76 m
Height - 2.05 m
Ground Clearance (Below axle housing, loaded) - 33.5 cm
Fording Depth - 70 cm
Turning Circle - 9.5 m
Max. Output - 66 KW / 89 PS
Displacement - 2499 cm
Cylinders - 4 inline
Fuel - Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity - 75 L
Fuel Consumption - 16 L/100 km
Max. Speed - 100 km/h